hypnotic adventures

hypnotic adventures

martedì 10 maggio 2011

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"Modern Florida is the comprised works of Michael RJ Saalman and Jonathon Bafus. Offering riffs and comparing notes the two slaved over the material until six distinct cuts were assembled into a storm of spectral punk and avant pop masterpieces. Joined by Boyd Andersson on Bass the songs were topped off with a strong back bone. Leaving nothing to say but have a listen for yourself."
Limited edtion of 100 copies.

Afternoon Brother - Will's Myth

"For this latest venture Seattle’s Panabrite delivers a more expanded sound, built upon layered analog electronics, rustic rhythm boxes, lush synth strings, and occasional guitar arrangements; traversing the path from outer space to the deep woods and back…"
Limited edition of 100 copies.

Panabrite - Solar Voyage

"Relax&Sleep!" this might be a magician's spell, a slogan for a mattress commercial, advice from a hostess during an acrophobia attack, or a hypnotist command. Whatever it means, "the purposes and mechanisms of sleep are only partially clear and are the subject of intense research". Imagine you find a head cleaning tape and insert it into your old VCR: 5 chapters for 5 different levels of head cleaning intensity. With an aural accompaniment ranging from deep, blurry techno beats to oceans of mellow, ethereal synth drones, here is a 20 minute audio-visual pastiche of confabulations and visual cliffs: fragments of old public service ads, airline commercials and ephemera make their way through interference, noises and acid colors dripping from fuzzy TV logos: and finally, an elusive figure through a mist of luminous clouds has a very important message for you: "Relax& Sleep!"
Limited edition of 100 copies.

=== THEAWAYTEAM = Relax&Sleep = 01 ====

sabato 16 ottobre 2010

Debut album for this enigmatic trio based in Britain. This music seems to come from the centre of the heart, it burns and smells of sulphur and it will sweep you away like a sonic magma made of fused metal. At the same time Purple Zhro seems to be distant from this planet, and its chants could to be an ode to an alien divinity. One of the best Sturmundrugs album!

Video by Jean-René Guénée

The Underwater Beast is back with a second full lenght album, after "Dark as the Sea" on Utech Record. With "The Blyssynge of the Salte" he introduces us to an ancient rite, a purification dance made of gently acid drones, psyched out percussions & voices from and to another dImension.

Architeuthis Rex - Blyssage (from the album: The Blyssynge of the Salte)


Caligine presents its first full-lenght effort in un-folk deconstruction. Distorted fiddles collide with waves of recursive fingerpicking, acid narratives and warm strings interacting; balanced between the idea of song and the opposite calm disorder, struggling against the impossibility of improvisation, filling old folds of frequencies with new content, always unnumbered and unknown, Caligine is a collective based Everywhere and populated by no One.

Caligine - Hastings (Parinirvana Blues) (from the album L'Autunno di Rame)


Explorations of minimal, repetitive themes. slow and spacious sounds. improvisation with analog synth, bamboo saxophone & field recordings. Another great album from Alex Gray.

Deep Magic - Extract Part II (from the album Celestial Communion)


venerdì 19 marzo 2010

Second record after an EP dating back to last year, for this abrasive art punk trio from Taranto (IT).

domenica 7 febbraio 2010

Primitive percussionism and obsessive sounds will lead you through antique rituals of human sacrifices till the purification, fluttering into a futuristic sabba made of hypnotic drones and spacy flutes. Two long mysterious tracks for a split that smells of stones, blood and bones.

Listen to Alberorovesciato:
"catapultati dalle montagne,
spigoli di pietra nelle costole (sacrifici atzechi)"
Listen to Donato Epiro:"la guerra dei fiori"

After the warped visions of his collaboration album together Kabizdoh Obtruhamchi, Michael Jantz returns to the subtle atmospheres of his solo music with this second album on sturmundrugs records. Acoustic guitar, with touches of accordion, glockenspiel, manipulated voice, piano flute, and scant field-recordings, for a collection of more intimate pieces written and partly improvised over the course of 2009. Blissful.

Listen to Black Eagle Child:
"Days Before"

A 15 minutes piece of quite electronics and psychedelic drones recorded live at Critical Mess Fest @ Tou Scene, Stavanger by the prolific Norwegian experimental duo.

Listen to Bjerga/Iversen:
"Return to Serpent Sky"

sabato 7 novembre 2009

Sturmundrugs is proud of starting is musical life introducing to you a phenomenal album from two of the most interesting and original musicians of the new psychedelic international scene. Michael Jantz (aka Black Eagle Child) and Kabyzdoh Obtruhamchi join their incredible visionary souls for giving us a cyber jam where dilated electric guitars dialogues live together infernal percussive moments, distant voices and electronic vintage sounds bringing us in an empty space without time for an impressive spacey trip in which you could lose your minds.
All it's closed in an handmade package for a limited edition of 120 copies.
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